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tv   [untitled]    May 15, 2011 9:30am-10:00am EDT

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the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images. from the streets of canada after. trying to look for asians to rule the day. with the top stories of today and over this past week you're watching the weekly here and i see that syrian troops fired thousands of protesters despite an earlier promise to hold off meanwhile the u.s. is seemingly preparing to declare president assad's government illegitimate with military intervention feared a former. libyan as the libyan rebels are fighting colonel gadhafi failed to gain official recognition from washington as they make their case with president obama's prescription the white house also stopped short of releasing khadafi frozen assets
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promised to aid the opposition. and thousands of troops paraded in the russian a cities to celebrate victory day but ukrainian pressure inside to find another season once again after a brutal attack by nationalists during the festivities. for now here nazi we explore how people in lebanon find it impossible to shake off the legacy of war five years on the first part of our special report is coming your way now.
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the. into balls on so this isn't a little slow on the left. so let's talk well wolf. ok. david.
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thank you both listen through this is it could go through so long over thank. god made the motion complete with over.
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i know my name is gemma far from the village a battle that. we have orange grows.
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a general's been our job since we were born. there's my father my brother and hired help. well you know the day after the war was over i came back with my father to think i know what has been. seen as summer had passed and then we have what are the groups i just i'm going to school for the specific. way. it was then that he stepped on one of their for dinner and though he thought it was a battery or something. i noticed it and then told him it is a take your foot off that is a cluster bomb. he was surprised that day for us to be sore crew first full of them .
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the most vivid memory is literally driving into these villages. and just seeing almost fields of clusters everywhere many of them and sort of feel to explode closer bombs on the road you have to be careful. with that festival. once where a village the wind blew a bit and a handful of them fell on the ground and we just started hearing explosions. make itself it's now i was set up as a result of the occupation of israelis up into may two thousand when the israelis was very they left behind a huge legacy of violent ones and the united nations saw a need to resolve the formable the same ones and therefore the next i still see i reckon two thousand and one you know its own structure on the nation by anybody's army and the united nations. down the seas
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for hundreds of thousands of people i'm running back in the south beckett is going to speculate ice. and with confronted with you know hundreds and hundreds thousands of unexploded possible. and there first day you would. think carries with an elf walking back and he pulled his. private how to push her up and over to the right after the war on aug fourteenth two thousand and six be the lebanese army started clearing the roads sneak into residential areas so people could all turn to their hold them up that would be good that was the fortnight management and conduct quality assurance. we had working for us law and international the motions there's a huge market right now for battle area clerks because there are a lot of countries in the world that are contaminated by unexploded ordinance. and
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so you've got these companies and n.g.o.s that have basically sprung up that have an expertise to get rid of these weapons what they do is they go to these places they will hire locals. they were thrown everywhere in front of your house and in the garden in the valley no place was left untouched not even most christian churches were spared and train the locals how to do the clearance i was going to die. when i found the first bomb i felt as though i had saved the person. will let the locals basically take ownership because you know they have a vested interest in clearing their homes something no one in south lebanon and only the home and they're putting themselves at risk every single day i think you out there to clear areas of what. times are difficult smith and i heard that some guys are applying to
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a company called dca notice and. i thought of it this way and i think it was a good opportunity from all sides i want to see first of all we couldn't go into our growth and the i don't cluster bombs you know second thing so this is my country i'd like for my country to be beautiful. third and which is also important as we would be better financially i think it. was ok there it is call should it. that's how it's. easy or it falls over. there it is only money i mean i don't have a house but you want to have one. we should have. a long love because we've been
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engaged for a long three years of being engaged and no marriage. yes we're planning on getting married once we have the money and the only thing holding us back is having a house that's going on once we have a house we can furnish it move in and live. well i swear to you and you didn't hit it. come get it i'm scared you get it i'm not. if we don't have a house then we can't get married so it was a. nice where you didn't hit it when father's why doesn't that mean i got it yes i see fat is here everywhere. because i'm out of the work i look for work several times and there is nothing else that i should be found his company they need employees so we
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have plight. here he says he's feeling. the numbers we decided to work at the county are some of the cleaner country from the bombs for the little kids punished so keep on working so. well make money and get a house. you know with. let's keep them separate away from the streams. we did well today with the birds. now we'll have a rock with the birds it'll be great you know i'm pretty good. oh and. we're.
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on the ground on the farm markets not big on bass. because. i just missed the first turn to call of a cluster. that's it that's the presentation but if anyone's around they can still get. twenty meters around everybody gets into. this house was heavily heavily hit you can see the pace and the same same thing if you go behind the house. so here you see it is from the roof. you just gone through the roof. today you can see the home full. time this is buster
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he. has been one for. very sharp small fragments. it's company it's very it's one centimeter concrete so you can imagine if they come through the human body vehicle but if it so there's. a cluster munition is basically a container and inside the container you have many many small bombs and you can have anywhere from dozens up to hundreds of them when the canister opens over the target each one of them is then going to pull out and they're going to spread out there then going to turn to the bottom because the weights on one end and as they fall through the sky this ribbon is spin and the spinning is what arms the trigger you have a copper or concave cone inside of the base that will superheat and shoot out like a hot knife through butter it's going to go through armor. and that's going to end
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up killing whatever crew is in there. the secondary charge is going to then send out the shrapnel and that's what's going to cause death and injury. problem is they're not made really well and a lot of them not explode. this is a weapon with an after effect these weapons always leave unexploded duds at very high rates so it becomes like a landmine and what we find. we can sell time. well we're still just time in the first bunch everybody was talking to it was part of the bomb she threw it to the ground that's just truly combat who were thrown into the air which was blue no. time. idea is absurd because you want to feel much about here.
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is that. we came back to work to find cluster bombs everywhere in our fields. bit someone has the bundle we had no choice but to work next to the bombs. good then did i have a field in the area. and that one the pilot was picking for it's a cluster bomb exploded. that i lost a kidney and i'm the only one out. the scary thing about this for bombs is literally how they've managed to find their way into every aspect of life in southern lebanon. you know from the field to people's balconies that was backyards on tough people's cars on people's trees it really creates
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this sort of. sense of insecurity. that you never know when the next one is going to detonate. and where's the coffee. or the morning or of that you're so so on your list right now and that's a moment now the that i was on that. i think here we must find a home to give it more getting you know and here and we going from service members will i. ever see that everywhere we see that.
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who was very well and with think it's just. a chicken and egg question. and i think you know. the. truly is a dangerous job so it needs a lot of attention. someone is clumsy or doesn't pay attention for sure he will lose an arm or leg or likely die.
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i'm going to a lot of stories about young lebanese males who are injured in different companies . for myself i don't know anyone. keep. calm or. i am.
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going to say. you see. in the morning. i told you. because. you're no. longer untold millions will clash and. when the clearance teams go in you basically roped off area and they create zones so that they can then figure out where the weapons are and clear prioritize what's going to be taken out break was this that was the case is a little too small yeah we stopped making stuff up back on the market with.
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a name literally move inch by inch very slowly and very laborious lean in the field and in an area that is filled with high explosive weapons and you know you could see the bombers over there hello it's marks. so this is the world war unfold . and there are environmental things that occur over time from these weapons. you know it. got rain and the rain comes they start to sink into the earth. a lot of times you know they'll get kind of mixed in with with garbage and trash of stuff moving about it is a nightmare. it's a nightmare because there's so much mental scrap by the war by the people. took everything that animals moving around can move them and then all the sudden see who
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uses. sue if you will. of three of the. a lot. of good bad guys ali is on the edge so ask him to bring you a boat. if it's hidden under all of these small little going to the sea view of life ninety nine we find her on the. move. i think of that. and then you've also got an issue with the trigger over time. that trigger such degrade with the environment and expect anymore that you can handle it safely. you know everything. that's what they have to do is they actually have to blow it up exactly where they sit. and you really do have to blow these up one at
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a time where they're sitting because that's how dangerous it is. i love the look of the no that's one thirty we will clear a cluster bomb so at least it's a door's open and the kids inside the house. and to you as well in fact right now every day at one o'clock in the afternoon in south lebanon everyone knows that's when they blow up the clusters. what people of the area be ready for a cluster bomb demolition which will occur at one thirty. am. a. big.
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thank. you. but if. you. can see from study him. ok i'm almost i'm not i was fourteen years
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old when i started working with tobacco and all of. that. people are surprised that i. was a girl's clear imposter bombs. right with this one. this point. but i love the challenge. and not just for the salary. i love to work outside. and i'm not afraid because i love the room. took me three months to find a cluster bomb i was doing something wrong and i was what i wanted almost mom i wasn't afraid at all. i love this job that's like. that almost. as natural.
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and as of i'm sure lol i naive. in living in lebanon. that i studied here in lebanon and have been working as a nurse for a few years. by the how to after the war there was another war out of the war of the cluster. we're still suffering from it. then one of the model n.g.o.s came to lebanon to healthcare but of the cluster bombs i had been with i started working for one of these n.g.o.s paid it's called dan church they or dca my b.c. a starlet and i worked with them for seven or eight months as a medical team coordinator. but mother after i left the cia a friend of mine who works at the armor group which is one of the biggest clearance organizations. not that i was on bit of and then asked me to help
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them they needed first a court major soccer but oh well you know when i'll behave and fight out. if you can learn how to home during the war i was here in south lebanon working as a medic in an ambulance it was a difficult period. and thought it was scary. and i was always nervous the planes were above me and my snow you hear nothing but the sound of the sea it's only heightened my fear.
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